Workgroup Guidelines

As of November 3, 2019
Approval of Workgroup Proposal
ASC-wide analyses include major studies that are explicitly defined in ASC grant proposals. In parallel, ASC members can propose a Working Group.

An analytical proposal forms the basis for a workgroup. After the proposal is submitted to Joseph Buxbaum ( and ASC Project Coordinator, Ellen Paley ( of the ASC, it is logged and then submitted to the Statistical Analysis Committee and/or the Samples and Phenotypes Committee, depending on the nature of the proposal. After approval by one or both of these Committees, the proposal is submitted to the Executive Committee for final approval. Then, the proposal is presented to the entire ASC membership and any interested party can join.

Conducting Workgroup Analyses
Workgroups have access to all ASC data (fully cleaned and called) to conduct the proposed analyses. All analyses must be compliant with all rules and regulations surrounding human subject research, ASC-wide data and ASC-site-specific data. A list of participants is generated and an email list developed. The workgroup hold calls once or twice per month (or weekly if needed), presents results and progress of the ongoing analyses to the entire ASC at key stages, and develop a manuscript.

The workgroup leads arrange for the recurring call time and the listserv in coordination with the ASC Project Coordinator.

Authorship for workgroup products was proposed by the Membership and Authorship Committee and agreed to by the Coordinating Committee. The author lists of papers arising from ASC workgroups are comprised of the active members of the workgroup, with the ASC as a banner author. If it is the first time a sample set is being referred to in a publication, then all investigators associated with said sample set will be listed as headline authors. The order of authors is at the discretion of the workgroup leads, following standard academic practices.