Metabolome and Microbiome

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The gut microbiome is the community of bacteria and other microbes that live in the gastrointestinal tract. These gut bacteria can communicate with the brain by producing small molecules that travel through the bloodstream to the central nervous system. This communication between the gut bacteria and the brain has been shown to affect mood and behavior, such as depression and anxiety. By studying the microbiome in both people and mice with 3q29 deletion syndrome, we hope to define the role of the microbiome in the neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions associated with the 3q29 deletion.

The metabolome is the collection of small molecules circulating in an individual’s blood. These molecules come from a variety of sources, including the individual’s own cells, food consumed, and the gut microbiome. These small molecules can affect bodily functions such as metabolism and the immune system, and by determining which molecules are associated with the 3q29 deletion we will better understand their role in 3q29 deletion syndrome. This will ultimately help us to understand the cause of symptoms such as the developmental delay that patients and their families have reported.

By studying the microbiome and metabolome together, we will be able to combine information to get a better picture of how an individual with 3q29 deletion syndrome differs from their unaffected family members. This information will allow us to identify potential targets for future treatments, and will help us understand the molecular mechanisms of 3q29 deletion syndrome.

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