3q29 Awareness Day

The Inspiration for 3q29 Awareness Day
I am the younger sister of someone who has a 3q29 microdeletion.  It was my idea to use March 29th as an awareness day.  I want to bring awareness to 3q29 to help build a stronger support system for him and others.  I want people to know how rare it is, how it affects individuals and their families, and how others can help.


Last year, we participated in the research study in Atlanta.  Jennifer, Melissa, and the other team members were awesome.  Jennifer and Melissa took the time to listen to my side of the story as a sibling.  I love my brother!  I’m proud of the things he has accomplished – learning to drive, having a job, volunteering, participating in Special Olympics, and the list goes on.  But, it is hard at times.  It is hard when people are mean.  It is not easy to have a lot of patience, but I’m getting better with that.  It is hard to understand his way of thinking.  It is difficult when he is aggravating and annoying (and he knows it).


My brother is more than special to me.  He is my definition of a 3q29 Warrior!


How do I sign up? 3q29 registry members should click here to access our 3q29 families meeting webinar page. From there, scroll down and click “3q29 Awareness Day Celebration: Celebrating Our 3q29 Superheroes” tab and click link under “How do I sign up?” to register. 

If not enrolled in registry, please visit the 3q29 registry page to register (https://3q29deletion.patientcrossroad.org).


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